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Topic: Modenas X-CITE 130 : The most "powerful bike in its class and would fulfill market demand as well as strengthen its position in the "kapchai" segment. What say you ?

Abg Acid

Posted: 05/04/2007

Initially I bought this bike as my prime choice to do a bike tour to Thailand and Laos later this year. Reasons are simple, as we are not traveling fast , the 130cc enigne will have enough power to do the journey, whilst at the same time keeping our petrol cost low. Parts are eaily available in Thailand, as kawsaki is distributing it as ZX130. So that wont worry us. However, it is really difficult to find aftermarket accessories, such as heavy duty braket for the rear top box for this particular model. Givi only produce the top-rear bracket , which I think is not really robust or the trip. Its a shame, abg acid otorev

Mat Modenas

Posted: 06/04/2007

Dear Modenas, Your Xcite actually lacks d appearance factor despite its new engine. I am not sure abt your xcite sales figure but dis bike surely hard to see on road compared to LC and Honda Wave S. Only Modenas knows whether Xcite is selling well or not. but if it not selling well (i reckoned), my point is dat dis bike design failed to capture interest of the market at large. If u ask people or those below 30 yrs of age on which bike does they like most by comparing xcite and Lc. i am sure they will choose LC. and why is dat? This is bcoz LC is d trendsetter in terms of hitech engine in a cub and good looks. But not all buyers will buy LC bcoz of its powerful engine, instead they will look into model which less hitech and less money to run in the future (lc use radiator + water pump). So, now they have 2 choices, Xcite, WaveS and now with MZ Mantizz S. Wave S has a proven track record of being fuel saving and higher resale value while the later MZ Mantizz S now offered in a really cheap package with disc brake, tubeless tyres, sport rims and a electric starter. But MZ mantizz still as yet to prove its reliability and good resale value. So, i believe most people will go for Wave S instead of Xcite or Mantizz S. Younger generation might swithch to Mantiz S. But this is also depends on age group of the buyer. In my case, i will choose Wave S simply because that honda engine does not have oil filter as compared to Xcite. I will forgo Xcite NCV carbs and its TPS because the overall engine performance is much or less the same with Honda. It seems that Xcite has placed itself in a difficult situation between LC and Wave S. Even worse with the introduction of Mantizz S. Management in Modenas must highlight the plus points of Xcite but whatever points it have does not justify most of people to buy it. If i want good look, i''ll go for LC, if i want cheap to run and reliable, i''ll go for Wave S. If i want even cheaper price but with all d gadgets, i''ll go for mantizz S. So, where Xcite stands? Tell me and i''ll buy one. Maybe pricing will help.


Posted: 07/04/2007

hmm.. sy dah pakai kriss 110 first batch.. dah 8 tahun.. segala2 nye masih cantik.. cume lampu dpn die x power ar.. malap je.. dah mcm2 cr aku buat.. tp stil cm 2 gak.. hmm.. skarang nie aku dah pakai kriss 100.. nie motor paling byk problem... problem paling besar.. dia punya karberutor.. hmm.. lebih baik msk kan karburetor EX5.. lebih sesuai.. Pick up pun cantik... Byk2 model modenas.. Kriss gak yg cantik..

mat kriss

Posted: 08/04/2007

cadangan : ubahsuai patern xcite130 baru cun.. nak tanye cikit?? boleh bagitau tak spesifikasi motor FUTURES PRODUCT yang akan dipasarkan?? bila nak dipasarkan?/ nampak macam menarik je..

Mohd Yusof Hussain

Posted: 27/04/2007

Modenas should come out with new model, to all Malaysia Yamaha Scorpio 225cc naked bike which manufactured in Indonesia costing approximately RM8000 only! . Do you want bigger bike at reasonable price?


Posted: 14/06/2007

modenas x kuar moto besar(superbike) ke???at least 250cc mcm zxr tu...aku nak cari moto 250cc skrg ni ingt nak amik ninja jer kalu modenas or malaysia punyer brand nak kuarkan aku rasa bagus gak....boleh tgk malaysia punyer performance lak kan.....aku rasa kalu malaysia blh produce superbike, mesti other superbikers support punyer....bukan aper skrg ni superbikers sumer kene hati2 pg bengkel...salah pi bengkel kene tipu....lagi satu spare part payah nak cari....hope 1 day modenas akan kuar kan superbike..............


Posted: 17/06/2007

saya amat berminat dgn jaguh.minta pendapat sape2 yg boleh bagi mengenai model itu.adakah elok beli yg baru atau second


Posted: 26/06/2007

hati memang nak angkat motor ni,tapi terasa macam bersalah pula,apa tak nya,spare part dia,service centre,colour tak cun macam kat thailand yg ada 4 variasi.saiz tank yang kecil,absorber belakang yang biasa,sticker yang mudah design pun tak cun,model sport rim tak kluar lagi,dengar kata cover set dia mudah patah,sebab dia guna klip.kena pikir banyak kali nak design kerana orang kita akan bukak coverset ni berpuluh puluh kali bila dah beli motor tak kira model apa,jadi buat lah ia lebih teguh&lasak,engin kira bagus,saiz juga bagus,seat pun bagus,tacho meter pun bagus,bunyi ekzos sedap tapi material nya mudah berkarat,bayangkan selepas 5 - 10 thn, dari segi psaikologi kita akan menyatakan product ni bagus atau tak setelah kita gunakan setelah lama kita menggunakannya,jadi bila benyak aspek diambil kira kerana karat pun orang kata,stiker pun orang kata,ataupun tanya pendapat orang kedai la.diorang banyak dengar feedback dari pengguna,tapi kebanyakkan kata kata diorang macam modenas tak ambil kira.kena dengar juga feedback dari diorang ni.kalau boleh satu malaysia punya komen perlu diambil kira

mat modenas

Posted: 05/07/2007

Has Xcite been stopped its production? After heavy consideration, i am planning to buy one, but scared if Modenas will discontinue dis product. I''m buying Xcite just for d sake of extra space underseat which is bigger than other makes and as i dont want to use Givi Box. One more question to Modenas and i hope they will call me and tell me the truth about passengers footrest. Are the footrest vibrate at d speed of more than 110kmh? If Modenas really care about its customer, please take this challenge and btw, my number is not fake.


Posted: 18/07/2007

Saya sedang tunggu modenas keluarkan scooter berkuasa 250cc. Pakai elegen sekarang ok juga. Saya pakai elegen tayar 130-13,rasa macam sangkut kat tayar depannya.

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