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Topic: What are the programs, activities, priveliges or benefits that you think are beneficial to MODENAS Riders?


Posted: 22/03/2007

I joined and paid my MRC membership since January 2006 and have yet to receive my membership card :( You are not alone... we''re "MRC member" without identity.


Posted: 29/03/2007

Saya menjadi Ahli MRC sejak tahun lepas. Tak ingat bulen berapa. Agak-agak dalam bulan 6. Sehingga kini masih belum dapat kad... kenapa ye??

Jaguh Kampung

Posted: 12/04/2007

Suitability of the Jaguh depends on your riding style, bike experience, temperament and need, Tony W. With over 20 years of riding experience on a Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Jaguh (since 1999), I am pleased to announce my favorable experience with the ownership and operation of the Jaguh. It is my opinion and experience that this bike requires very minimal maintenance, and is therefore very economical to run. It is easy to maintain, handle/operate and very reliable, if you follow the scheduled recommended service in the owners manual. I do that in addition to keeping it clean on a regular basis, that my bike looks and runs almost as new as the day it rolled out of the showroom despite the almost 88,000km clocked on the odometer to date. Replacement parts are quite easy to source and at reasonable prices too if you get them direct from Modenas itself (authorized dealers often mark them up or try to push fakes which can be fatal depending on the component''s function) while cheap imitation alternatives (for non critical components) are plenty. My biggest gripe is that there are only 4 Modenas centers in the whole country and they are inconveniently located in remote out of the way places. Simple regular servicing by someone with D.I.Y inclination is absolutely possible, as this is a simple bike with well designed and laid out components that are easy to access with ordinary equipment in the average tool box. However, you may need the parts and service manual if you intend to take on more ambitious projects like engine overhauling or carb cleansing. I generally leave that to the experts who do them on a regular basis, since Modenas charges rather reasonable rates for major servicing. I had a top overhaul a couple of years back for around RM200 which included new gaskets, oil, filter and sparkplug. Compared to the larger Japanese bikes that I owned, this is a very economical bike to maintain. While it does not lag the Japs in terms of reliability after all the Jaguh is a Kawasaki Eliminator clone -- it is a low powered bike hauling a large frame. After riding any Japanese 250s you would feel a noticeable difference in torque and speed. That, in my opinion, is the only drawback I have ever felt about the Jaguh, but it is an excusable one, remembering that it is only a 174cc engine. Nevertheless, it can reach 130km/h (unmodified) if coaxed by a 60+kg rider, or more if modifications were made to enhance it. Although this is the smallest bike I ever owned, it is my favorite. I leave the bigger bike at home and use the Jaguh for city riding (especially agile in maneuvering the congested Klang Valley streets, and easier to park). For interstate and expressway riding, I prefer to use the larger bike, although I have done the KL-Ipoh-KL on many occasions in the past, and the KL-Penang-KL journey at least once, with lots of fond memories and experience. In terms of ergonomics, I could not have designed a more functional workhorse myself. With proper planning and accessories, this bike could transport as much stuff as a compact car, safely. This and all the above reasons explain why I would readily recommend Jaguh to anyone, and why I have no intention of selling it ever! With more research, I think it is quite easy to find Jaguhs with lower mileage for the same price (RM2k). You have two alternatives to consider: (1) pay slightly more for a better condition and well maintained bike, or (2) pay less for a fixer-upper so long as the discount is sufficient to cover the necessary repair and replacement. If you have long term ownership intentions, I strongly suggest that you get a brand new one, or a very lightly used one (below 20,000 km with no visible signs of abuse).

Mat Rempit

Posted: 14/04/2007

Mengapa harusnya semua motosikal modenas kecil-kecil, maksud aku kapcai, scooter, adapun Jaguh, tapi enjin hanya 175cc..... mengapa modenas tidak terfikir yang selama ini motosikal besar, melebihi 600cc, masih kurang di Malaysia.... Sepatutnya modenas rekalah motosikal besar-besar..... menyenangkan kepada mereka yang ada $$$.... tidak perlu bergaya dengan motosikal import..... berbangga dengan motosikal besar buatan tempatan.....

muhammad fadzuan

Posted: 15/04/2007

Boleh saya tahu dimana saya boleh mendapatkan Motosikal Jaguh baru? dan dimana saya boleh mendapatkan aksesori dan alat-alat gantinya?


Posted: 18/04/2007

A''kum.. Nak bertanya pada sesiapa yang expert modify kapchai.ada x cara nak bagi enjin x-cite lagi laju? tapi jangan r sampai moto terbarai plak...huhuhu..(banyak lagi nak len x r..)


Posted: 02/07/2007

a''kum..ada sapa2 yg bleh bgtau sy mcm mana nak buat kriss 2 bg fuu race tak

Sotiris Dadoupis

Posted: 12/07/2007

Hello from GReece! I have a heavily tuned Modenas Dinamik! Keep up the good job that you are doing!


Posted: 22/07/2007

i''m happy to heard tht modenas has their own rider''s club.i hope i can join dis riders club.....

mohd adinur afini bin adnan

Posted: 23/07/2007

sy mrupakan rider lumba brminat utk mnjd rider modenas.agr pihk tuan dpt merealisasikn impian sy...

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